That year, she issued her sixth album, My Story, which was her most intimate and autobiographical to date. On April 8, , Hamasaki made her Avex debut with the single "Poker Face," which peaked at number 22 on the Japanese charts and turned out to be the beginning of a swift upward trend. Her ninth chart-topper, Next Level, helped Hamasaki become the first Japanese artist to have at least one number one album each year for 12 consecutive years. With the album peaking at number two on the weekly Oricon chart, Hamasaki became the solo-artist with the most top-ten albums He enlisted her in a Japanese vocal school, but she dropped out, complaining the teaching was too rigid. While simultaneously nabbing four spots in the Top Ten -- the first Japanese artist to do so -- she spent much of her year participating in charity efforts in the wake of the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March.

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