Men At Work - Down Under Incubus - Light Grenades The system as elaborated by the Tokugawa, however, called for the regular attendance of the more than lords for almost the entire duration of shogunal rule, and it effectively consolidated power in a single place, the city of Edo. Introduction The economic relationship between the domains and Edo is also an important question that will be taken up here. Uchikawa Kiyosuke and Takahashi Shiro were kind presences in the Tosa shidankai as well. While alternate attendance might remind us of other practices observed in European countries, such as Louis XIVs court at Versailles in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries or the medieval German practice of hoffahrt, or going to court, the comparisons are not particularly apt, for in the Japanese case the requirements had far greater historical significance. John Denver - Rocky mountain high

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