Body swap

Trinity , who works for the Millenium Group , shows up in a Slider Hole and explains that the world is a false reality created by sophisticated computers contained within the mind of John Horatio Malkovich. Watch and find out. The move features the familiar tale of a successful, hard-working dad Tom Brand Kevin Spacey buying his kid a pet to "make up" for not being there. Unfortunately for Caillou, the switch lasts for all of about 20 seconds before he and his mom switch back, after which he is given additional grounding time for the swap. And this is assuming the eyes and optic nerves are transferred along with the brain, because the eyes are anatomically part of the brain , and the connection between eyes and visual cortex are just as if not more frighteningly complex as those between brain and spine. Big Gracie Films Remember when you were a kid and you always wished that you could be an adult so you could do exactly what you wanted?

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